cool accessories for gaming setup


Cool Accessories For Gaming Setup

Gaming computers are different from any other computer; they must be powerful and able to run the largest 3D games smoothly, and it is not enough to perform a conventional computer used only to handle office software or browse the Internet.


According to the German computer magazine CTT, gaming lovers have to take care of having their computers equipped with quad-core processors, even though binary processors are enough to run web browser games well.

The magazine explained that devices without 4×4 processors may not be able to run modern Derek X-11 games such as the “Far Cry 4” game, or that their performance may be disturbed in a powerful war game such as “Battlefield 4 ,” because developers rely on three or more nuclei for their various calculations to transmit voice, industrial intelligence and graphics.

The magazine advises game lovers to use an Intel Core E5 processor at least three gigahertz, to be safe, even if it belongs to the previous generation or earlier.

For Intel’s rival IMD processors, the FX-8320 should at least be used at 3.5 GHz, while game laptops should be equipped with at least 7 Intel Core processors.


Besides the processor, game lovers must be interested in having enough random access memory.

(Ram) On their computers, German experts point out that a four-gigabyte memory is no longer sufficient to meet the requirements of modern games, noting that the amount of memory in any game computer should be at least eight gigabytes, considering that this amount meets the requirements of complex, also computing-intensive games, which are based on the Daircut X-11 library.

Graphic Card

The third important aspect that game lovers must take into account is graphic cards, which have the greatest load of converting game graphics into high-resolution 3D images, and the more recent the card performs better.

In general, however, the German magazine states that most of the “Derek X-11” games operate with full clarity (full-HD) seamlessly and without problems with gigabytin-sized video memory in the graphics card.

However, when wanting to enjoy details-rich graphics or display games with higher clarity than full clarity, some games require more than three gigabytes of memory, so a graphics card with four gigabytes of video memory is an ideal solution if you want to enjoy the maximum quality of game graphics.

Hard Disk

In addition to the above, game lovers can take advantage of the high speed offered by the SSD compared to traditional hard drives, as the former offer amateurs many advantages over traditional discs by showing more details and downloading content or game stages in much shorter time.

Sound Card

In conclusion, German experts point out that the era of the special sound card has come to an end, as the audio cards embedded in the motherboard are usually sufficient to meet the demands of the largest games, since the counting of sound and sound effects is currently the responsibility of the main processor.

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