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Leap forward Dual-Camera System

The world’s most famous camera is characterizing another time of photography. Where an inventive sensor works with the ISP and Neural Engine to enable you to make photographs more than ever.

Super Retina. In big and bigger

The uniquely OLED shows on iPhone XS convey the most precise shading in the business, HDR, and genuine blacks. What’s more, iPhone XS Max has our biggest showcase ever on an iPhone.

Outstanding Materials

The most solid glass ever in a cell phone. A lovely new gold completion, accomplished with a nuclear dimension process. Accuracy machined, careful evaluation treated steel groups. What’s more, another dimension of water and residue obstruction.

A12 Bionic CHIP

This is the sharpest, most dominant chip in a cell phone, with our cutting edge Neural Engine. For stunning increased reality encounters. Inconceivable representations with Depth Control. What’s more, speed and ease in all that you do.

Recognition Face ID

Security is straightforward when your face is your secret key. You can open your iPhone and sign in to applications, records, and more with a look. It’s the most secure facial validation ever in a cell phone. What’s more, presently it’s much quicker.