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life in HD

Bring your photos, videos, and games to life. Moto G Plus gives you a 5.2″ Full HD display, delivering the vivid colors and fine details you’ve come to expect from premium phones.

brilliant photos in any light

The new Moto G Plus is the first camera in its class with Dual Autofocus Pixels. Utilizing 10 times more pixels on the sensor, the camera is able to lock onto a subject up to 60% faster than ever before. Fewer missed shots, more stunning photos day or night.


Google Photos

It only takes a few taps to give any photo a personal touch with the Google Photos™ app.

style points

The new Moto G Plus comes with a high-grade aluminum exterior that’s been diamond cut and finished to perfection. Choose from lunar gray or fine gold designs.

sweet shortcuts

Shortcuts, brought to you by Moto. Instantly unlock your phone with your fingerprint. Or, read notifications without having to unlock your phone. Plus, quick gestures get you to the features you use most.