what is internet of thing iOT


what is the Internet of Things.

After the Internet has made the world a small village, that can travel around with less time and effort, it is now possible to draw objects into the Internet automatically, without having to enter the human hand under the title:

“The Internet of Things,” but the term may remain vague for many of those who hear it; But not after reading this article.

What’s the Internet of Things?

In the world of technology, IoT is a modern technical method that aims to attract objects, such as devices and sensors, and communicate them to the Internet without human interference, automatically if the object is present in the geographic area covered by the Internet.

One of the most vivid examples is the regulation of heating devices within a building of operation and closure, as well as the lighting, operation and follow-up of some machinery and means of production;

It should be noted that the Internet of Things lists a lot of everyday things that can be integrated with it and applied to them, such as industrial machinery, worn appliances, and many others

. It should be noted that the next period of technological life will be greatly amalgamated as the best way to make life more efficient

Internet of Things applications

The scope of Internet technology is very broad in everyday life, and one of the most important is:

Smart, wearable devices.

Detection of fumigation escalation in nearby locations, and sirens based on this.

Disclosure of the inventory of manufacturing materials, for example, by information on what is near completion.

Automatic arrangement of people’s daily appointments.

Information about potential danger in an environment.

Monitor fuel availability at heating stations and alert in case it’s near completion.

Guidance to parking places when looking for it automatically.

Access to some of the natural conditions prevailing somewhere through the network, such as soil quality and quality.

Areas of use of the Internet of Things

In the coming period of the technology age, the world is poised to apply the Internet of Things in several key areas, the most important of which can be integrated:

Communications: It should be noted that the telecommunications sector is most affected by and involved in the Internet of Things;

The latter would play an active and significant role in maintaining all relevant data, requiring all types of smart devices, whether personal computers or smartphones, to maintain reliable connectivity with the Internet in order to ensure high-efficiency business continuity.

Health care: The area of health care is one of the largest areas to which the Internet of Things can be applied. Patients can be remotely monitored and registered in electronic records.

It can also be activated in wordy devices to control exercise, sleep for patients and other health habits, in addition to the above; It can contribute to saving many lives when a prior risk to a patient’s health is reported before death.

Retail: In this context, the beneficiary of the Internet of Things is both a consumer and a trader, as the dealer monitors the goods available to him in storage, sales and purchases, and the consumer is provided with the latest goods of interest in the stores that he used to use.

Factories and companies: The industrial sector is a sector with ample potential to integrate IOT into its dimensions, possibly by attracting data on the machines in the plant’s sections and the materials and equipment accumulated on shelves in warehouses.

This entails ensuring that the work is performed efficiently and effectively and that the costs that could have been spent on risk are saved.

History of the Internet of Things

The information refers to the birth date of the term Internet of Things dating back to 1999, which was mentioned among the contents of a presentation reviewed by MIT co-founder Kevin Ashton in front of Procter & Gamble; However, he did not explicitly refer to it.

It began to evolve gradually in conjunction with the development of wireless technologies; For example, microelectromagnetic systems, information technology and data analysis are used to reveal the future visions of an enterprise.

One of the best evidence of the existence of the Internet has been for some time; The Coca-Cola company is going to put its own machine to sell its products at Carnegie Mellon University, and has relied on the Web to check whether or not a cold drink is available.

The evolution of this type of Internet has gone through several stages, the first being a machine to a machine (M2M):

Internet of Things Business Principle

The establishment of the Internet system depends on the abundance of many key components; These are smart Web-supporting devices for data processing, sensors and communications devices of various kinds for the purpose of collecting data from their own environment and transmitting it to their beneficiaries.

The secret of the work is to connect all Internet devices to special sensors to attract and analyse the necessary data; Then return important information without any human intervention, and special protocols must be in place to connect to the network and web-supported devices.

Importance of the Internet of Things

Assist decision makers in making the best decision among the range of decisions available to them.

Upgrading the performance and productivity strategy in factories.

Better customer service.

Raising productivity.

Save effort, time and money.

Preventing and responding to problems.

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