get to know the new products of Huawei.


get to know the new products of Huawei.

China’s Huawei Watch D, unveiled its new smartphone yesterday, just as effectively unveiling its new P50 Pocket phone and a number of other innovations.

According to sources, the new Huawei Watch D clock will come with an AMOLED color touchscreen measuring 1.64 inches and with an accuracy of 456 x 280 pixels and a pixel density of 326 pixels per inch, made from a structure of aluminium alloys and having two options for black and titanium colors. The first is 11.8 cm long, and the last is 13.3 cm.

Huawei Watch D comes with a standard set of health and fitness features such as step meter, heart rate monitoring, sleep tracking, and blood oxygen level monitoring. But the most important thing about Watch D is its ability to record an electrocardiogram and measure blood pressure.

The Huawei Watch D clock uses the Huawei TruBP technology, which uses air pumps and fine air bags to measure blood pressure on the wrist.

Huawei states that it incorporated a high-resolution pressure sensor, a pressure feedback control circuit, and a low-flow gas path to obtain measurements with a margin of error of ± 3 mm mercury.

The D hour was announced to detect the risks of arteriosclerosis, irregular heartbeat and sleep apnea. Huawei allows smart clock users to quickly obtain online consultation from experts to help understand their health data.

Huawei states that it partnered with 301 hospitals in China to test the accuracy and reliability of Watch D, which was also registered as a second-degree medical device with the China Food and Drug Administration.

The rest of Huawei Watch D features include a temperature sensor, a multi-functional NFC, and dust and water resistance IP68.

The hourly price of Huawei Watch D2988 Chinese yuan (US $470/€ 415) will be sold in China starting on December 25. There is no information on their availability in global markets.

At last… Huawei reveals her phone with the distinctive Huawei P50 Pocket design

As expected, Huawei China unveiled its new Huawei P50 smartphone, which sources say will be the real alternative and competitor to Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip3.
The phone inherits the dual loop design of the Huawei P50, with the first loop containing a covering screen and the second containing camera sensors.

The main screen is a 6.9-inch FHD + OLED panel providing an update rate of up to 120 Hz and a touch sampling rate of 300 Hz.

According to xda-developers, the Huawei P50 has an anti-reflective layer at the top that the company says reduces glow by up to 56% compared to the iPhone 13 Pro Max.

Like the Moto Razr and Galaxy Flip3, the P50 Pocket also contains a cover screen that displays important information in a profile.

The screen can display 1.04 inch user interface elements, weather information, music control elements, calendar, QR codes, moves, and many others.

Like the Huawei P50 Pro, the phone comes with the new Dual Matrix camera system from Huawei, which combines a 10-channel multi-spectrum sensor, Huawei XD optics, and the XD Fusion Pro image engine to improve image visibility.

The trim rear camera setup consists of a core shooter with 40 megapixel precision, a high-speed camera with 13 megapixel accuracy and a super-spectrum sensor with 32 megapixel accuracy (possibly a single-color sensor).

Huawei P 50 Pocket by Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 4 G, combined with a 8 GB/12 GB random access memory (RAM) and 256 GB storage/512 GB. It has 4000 mAh battery with 40W rapid charge support.

The Huawei P50 will be available in China starting today at a price of between $1411 and $1725.

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