how to fix a scratched tv screen


How To Fix A Scratched Tv Screen

Television is very important in our daily lives, and if it’s broken or broken, it’s definitely a nightmare for some. Do you not know how to fix LCD screens?

If your answer is yes, I think this article will be very helpful to you in overcoming this problem.

At least you can decide if you can solve this problem yourself or have to hire a specialist technician so you can fix your LCD screen.

LCD screens

LCD abbreviated “liquid crystal display,” which means liquid crystal screens.

It depends on the presence of several layers of polarized glass containing crystal fluid, which allows light to pass through or block it.

LCD screens are better than others, because they are made of long-term components.

Their life expectancy is about 10 years, but they may live longer by use for up to 50 years.

LCD screen features

The power of brightness.

The power of her colors.

Low energy consumption.

LCD screen defects

It’s not deep in black.

Its life expectancy is low compared to LED screens.

The screen only appears to be visible if it is viewed straight, and deformities appear in the image of the screen when viewed from another angle.

Twice the response time, that means it’s gonna be bad at fast shots in movies, or games.

Backlight leak.

LCD screen repair steps

After learning about the nature of the LCD screen and discovering its most prominent features and disadvantages, we must acknowledge that there are some common problems with LCD screens.

Some can be fixed by exploring and simply overcoming mistakes, others need to turn to a professional.

Step 1

First you have to check all the cables well, and check the TV guide to explore and fix stop screen errors because all the stops screen settings are different.

If you can’t solve this problem yourself, then you have to call the manufacturer’s customer service and get a repair or an alternative component.

Step 2

Select the position of the temporary function of the TV menu within the “setup” if the LCD screen continues to turn off.

The static timer may run to a certain number of minutes that continue to turn off the LCD screen.

Determine whether the power source is sufficient by checking the power cutter. If the TV needs more power, the port can save it.

Also check for no loose wires. The TV may need to be moved to a stronger power source or it may need to replace the LCD panel.

If the power source change has no effect, contact the manufacturer.

Step 3

If there are some scratches on the LCD screen, scratches can cause something to fall on the screen. Put a small amount of my oil generation on the scratches, and that helps hide the scratches completely.

Step 4

This time the problem may be that the image appears in half the LCD screen and the rest of the screen is either black or snowy.

The cause may be a cold welding joint and the use of a welding iron on cold joints can fix the problem.

The repair here has to be focused on electrical components, if not on a professional technician.

Step 5

If an LCD screen produces a faded image quality or loses accuracy, then you have to install a professional program as a backlight doll.

Step 6

However, if the LCD screen displays lines during the image as a result of a break in one of the pillars of the screen, in this case you must contact the manufacturer to solve this problem and replace the screen.

After we identified the most appropriate steps to repair the LCD screen. Do you think these solutions aren’t enough to solve your problem and also still don’t work?

If you have any further queries, I’m waiting for you to write them down to help you.

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